Frequently Asked Questions

What is Podacity Ai?

Podacity is an intelligent podcast learning tool. Podacity generates 10 episode Spotify playlists with educational podcasts to help you learn about topics like Crypto, Web 3.0, technology trends and more! We use Ai and machine learning, along with GPT-3 to help you find the best podcasts for learning. 🎙

How does Podacity generate playlists? 

The Podacity Podcast Search Engine is optimized to uncover the most relevant podcasts on learning-oriented topics.

Enter a topic (something you're curious to learn about), and Podacity Ai will generate a Spotify playlist ▶️ with insightful podcasts to help you learn that topic. Unlike traditional search which only matches keywords, our Ai-driven search engine 🔍 uses GPT-3 to understand your search with far greater context.

How does Podacity work with Spotify?

Podacity Ai is connected to Spotify via the Spotify API.

How will Podacity make money?

Podacity is a freemium SaaS learning tool. Podacity is free to use during Early Access. After the early access testing period, Podacity will be $12/month.

Will Podacity sell my data?

No. We will never sell your data. Wd do not sell our users data to advertisers.