How Podacity Ai Works

How Podacity Ai Works

What is Podacity?

Podacity is an Ai-based audio learning platform. We built a tool that generates audio learning playlists and topic notes on virtually any topic.

Podcasts are more popular today than every before. And more than ever, there are valuable learnings available via podcasts. We're here to help you find these valuable learnings. Podacity transforms your podcast listening into an insightful and educational experience.

Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other popular podcast players tend to be more focused on entertainment-oriented and mainstream podcasts. We built Podacity to surface podcasts based on a relevance score, not current popularity or chart rankings.

We're combining the power of cutting-edge AI language models and deep learning to generate learning lessons on the fly, and find the hyper-relevant podcasts that talk about them.

How Podacity Uses Ai

Podacity is powered by cutting-edge machine learning and Ai. We're using the world's most advanced language model to generate human-like outputs for virtually any input.

We leverage these models for language tasks like content comprehension, content generation, summarization and in the future, much more.

Simply put, when you enter an input and generate results, Podacity Ai does not select from a predefined list of choices, instead our Ai generates completely unique text for each query. No two searches will be the same.

How Podacity Works

1. Enter Topic ⟶ Get Podcasts

Podacity is super easy to use. Enter a topic or statement, and our Ai will generate a topic outline and find hyper-relevant podcast from world's leading experts.

You can search something specific like Innovations in the NFT Space or something broad like Agile or Macroeconomics. Podacity uses machine learning language models to understand your input with context.

2. Ai Summarizes Topic

Podacity uses Ai to understand your input and summarizes the 5-core concepts so you can better understand it. Then, Click Find Podcasts to hyper-relevant educational podcasts to help you learn the subject.

3. Ai Generates Audio Learning Playlist

Podacity creates a 10 episode podcast playlist. Our Ai is trained to identify the 10 best educational podcasts within your search. This learning playlist is designed to help you learn the subject, and is generated on-demand every time.

4. Listen on Spotify

Podacity is integrated with Spotify so you can easily add your learning playlist to Spotify and start listening. Learn on-the-go, anytime and anywhere.