Frequently Asked Questions

What is Podacity?

Podacity is a Spotify connected tool used for discovering high-quality educational podcasts. Podacity is directly integrated with Spotify, so you can add topic-based playlists to your account, so you can learn anytime, no matter where you are.

Is Podacity free? 

Podacity Ai is free to use during Early Access. After the Early Access, Podacity will be available via a low monthly subscription.

Why does Podacity only display 10 episodes?

Less is more. Podcast search results fetches the 10 best and most-relevant episodes for your search input. Podacity displays the 10 most relevant results instead of displaying every episode (most of which are probably not relevant to your search).

Will Podacity sell my data?

No. We will never sell our users' data, or your personal data. Your data belongs to you.

Our Team

Shane Dias
Founder / CEO

Our natural language interface allows for a more conversational search experience. Ask a question or enter a topic.

Sushant Kumar
Co-Founder / CTO

Nishant Raj
Co-Founder / COO

Podacity AI will uncover the 5 important subtopics related to your question or topic, and fetch the most relevant podcasts.