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Intelligent Podcast Search

No more wasted time searching for podcasts. Save time and effort by letting Podacity find the best podcasts for you.

Your New Podcast Discovery App

Podacity Ai is an intelligent podcast search engine that makes it easy to find the right podcast episodes.

Enter a topic or statement, and Podacity will create a digestible podcast playlist to help you learn, virtually anything.

Episode-Level Podcast Recommendations

Podacity leverages ML and AI to help you explore topics and discover podcasts for learning. Use Podacity to create podcast-based learning playlists for work, gym, or the commute.

Learn Anywhere

Learn at home, the gym or during the commute. Find the perfect podcasts to help you learn, virtually anything. Listen and learn anytime on Podacity, or Spotify.


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User Generated Playlists

How Podacity Works

Enter a topic, and Podacity Ai will generate an audio learning playlist with hyper-relevant podcast from world's leading experts.


Enter a topic or statement in plain English. You can search for a specific topics like "Innovations in the NFT Space" or broad topics like Agile" or "Machine Learning." Podacity uses machine learning language models to understand your input with context.

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Explore Topics

Podacity uses Ai to suggest similar subtopics to explore. Start with a broad topic, and dig deeper into it with the help of Ai.

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Discover Podcasts

Less is More: Podcast retrieves the 10 best and most-relevant episodes for your search query.

Search results are capped at 10 podcasts because browsing through 100s of episodes isn't helpful for discovering podcasts, and wastes time.

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Podacity is integrated with Spotify so you can easily add your learning playlist to Spotify. Learn on-the-go, anytime on desktop or mobile.

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