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Ai + Podcasts

We built an Ai-driven podcast search engine, and enhanced it's intelligence with OpenAI's GPT-3 ↗.  Use Podacity to turn your everyday listening into a learning experience.

The World's First GPT-3 Powered Search Engine

Podacity is an Ai-driven podcast search engine that generates podcast-based learning playlists so you can learn more everyday, in less time.

Enter a topic or statement in plain English, and our Podacity Ai will generate study notes and find you the best podcasts that will help you learn your topic of interest.

Episode-Level Podcast Recommendations

Unlike traditional podcast search apps, which only match keywords, Podacity's Ai engine analyzes transcripts of the podcast to recommend the most relevant and insightful podcast episodes. Podacity makes casual learning fun and systematic.

How Podacity Works

Enter a topic or statement, and Podacity Ai will generate an audio learning playlist with hyper-relevant podcast from world's leading experts.


Enter a topic or statement in plain English. You can search something specific like Innovations in the NFT Space or something broad like Agile or Machine Learning. Podacity uses machine learning language models to understand your input with context.

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Generate Notes with Ai

Podacity uses Ai to understand your input and summarizes the 5-core concepts so you can better understand it. Podacity leverages the world's most advanced language model to generate summaries on virtually any topic.

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Podacity generates a 10 episode podcast playlist to help you learn your topic of interest. Our Ai is trained to identify the 10 best educational podcasts within your search. This learning playlist is designed to help you learn the subject, and is generated on-demand every time.

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Podacity is integrated with Spotify so you can easily add your learning playlist to Spotify. Learn on-the-go, anytime and anywhere.

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